We are specialized in the creation of open source e-commerce website with Prestashop, Woocommerce and Drupal Commerce solutions. We accompany and advise you in all stages of your e-commerce project:

  • Creation of the graphic charter and web design to facilitate and encourage purchasing
  • Front-office and back-office development respecting the standards of the platform
  • Creation of "custom" and responsive themes to adapt to all screen sizes
  • Development of the interconnection with your ERP and CRM software in order to make your entire eco-system communicate
  • Connection to social platforms and marketplaces
  • Implementation of various secure payment solutions
  • Management of delivery according to your choice of carrier
  • Implementation of https and security
  • Hosting on Amazon Web Service and maintenance of your site

When we build an Ecommerce website, we integrate our global web expertise in terms of user experience and our attention to detail. Our approach is not only technically oriented.

**Our goal is to create a powerful and efficient website that will remove as many disincentives to purchase as possible. zoobeetle-ecommerce.jpeg Example of e-commerce site that we made with Prestashop for Zoobeetle

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